Official Kariza Designs Blog

Official Kariza Designs Blog


Kariza - A Brazilian native raised in a world of color, costumes, and drums of Carnival; her stage for a blossoming career.

After attending college for fashion design in Brazil she moved to the United States and made history with her World famous Kariza Wrap Dresses!

Kariza Designs is headquartered in Miami, home to the vibrant and colorful Art Deco South Beach, an international hub for Modeling and the Fashion Industry.

The energy and sensuality which run through the city is very much reflected in the Brazillian-style bold prints and bright colors in which her unique and versatile designs come in.

With the launching of Kariza Swim Collection, the brand has undoubtedly took a step forward and offer beautiful swim wear pieces paired with exotic matching cover ups. The prints are very eclectic, worldly and represent a perfect Bohemian Chic Concept.


This collage showcases how sophisticated one can look wearing a kariza ocean wrap with the right combination of elements styled to fulfill every woman's needs.

The long and mid-length ocean wraps have a touch of black blended in the prints making them perfect for cocktail parties, weddings and 
upscale events.


The Kariza Wraps are so versatile, they are perfect for maternity! 

It was all I wore during my 2nd pregnancy, after gaining 60 lbs, I was still able to enjoy myself and not worry about purchasing a whole new wardrobe. 
Thank Goodness Kariza Wraps are One size fits all! 

You'll be surprised how useful they are after you deliver your baby! Specially using them as breast feeding blankets for privacy! 


 The line is coupled with designs for every 
woman's lifestyles 

Enabling women to go from the beach, to the restaurant, to the lounge...

Endless possibilities!


Mommy & Me!    

Kariza Wraps offer such versatility 
even Kids can wear the same piece that belongs to mommy or vice-versa :)


Kariza offers beautiful and classy sheer dresses which can be worn to go out or simply as cover-ups...

A perfect matching add-on to any Kariza swim wear.

You can achieve many styles from one single garment.

A true piece of wearable art!

This dress is described as the bohemian ring dress. 

You may wear it off the shoulder, as a halter or simply as a poncho.

Additional prints, colors, prints and fabrics available
upon request!

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Welcome to my Kariza Blog!

I am proud to introduce this page so followers like you can join my community, get involved and leave your feedback regarding any of my concepts!

After so many successful years with the famous "Kariza Wraps" going Worldwide, I am thrilled to launch the Kariza Bridal Wraps!

In addition to that, I am now accepting custom orders on any multiwear dresses, where you can pick and choose from a select variety of prints and fabrics. Just email me at with your Inquiry and I will happily take care of your custom piece of Art!

Hope you enjoy all Designs I have to offer and Please spread the LOVE and the Word out!

Your feedback is always appreciated!


Kariza :)